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B i o g r a p h y

    Duke Bojadžiev (bo-ya-gee-ev) is a film music composer, record producer, and pianist. Born and raised in Macedonia, Duke earned a medical degree while simultaneously nurturing his passion for music since early childhood. Ultimately deciding to pursue music as a full-time career, he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. Upon graduating, Duke moved to New York City to dedicate himself to work as a film composer.

   His efforts have produced collaborations with Academy Award-winning directors Jonathan Demme and Danis Tanovic, as well as Oscar nominees Stole Popov and Veljko Bulajic. In 2016 Duke scored “THE CONSTITUTION”, directed by EFA member Rajko Grlic, which won the Grand-Prix of the Americas at the Montreal World Film Festival 2016, and Best International Feature Film at Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017, as well as 24 other awards at festivals worldwide.

  Throughout his career, Duke has taken great pleasure from performing his music live with various ensembles at celebrated concert halls in Europe and America including Carnegie Hall, The Highline Ballroom, Cipriani Ballroom, Art Basel (Miami), The Avalon Theater (Los Angeles) and Ohrid’s Summer Festival. Duke lives and works in New York City.


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